Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Without a strategic plan, nonprofit organizations are operating with a rudder and can become reactive, leading to mission creep and staff burnout.

Many smaller nonprofit organizations cannot afford a comprehensive strategic planning effort or they consider them a waste of time and money if it sits on the shelf collecting dust.

NextStep Nonprofit LLC therefore provides a series of strategic planning products based on our 4 phase model. At the most affordable end, our Identity/Development Brand one-pager offered in Phase 1, clarifies the organization’s mission, vision, values, approach, theory of change, and key impact metrics for the entire team. With all staff and board using the same framework, conversations about the organization’s future are more clear and productive. At the high end, we offer a comprehensive strategic plan including a plan to keep it activated and alive throughout the implementation period.

  • What problem(s) are we solving?
  • Who are we helping?
  • How are we helping them?
  • How are we unique in the field?
  • What have we accomplished?

    Identity/Development Brand One-Pager
  • What opportunities lie ahead?
  • What challenges lie ahead?
  • What do we aspire to become?
  • What do we need to get there?

      Strategic Snapshot

  • Which goals are most important?
  • What won’t we do?

    PRODUCT:  Strategic Filter One-Pager
  • What exactly will we do
  • Who will perform each activity?
  • When will each activity be done?
  • What is our success criteria?How will we keep our plan alive?

    PRODUCT: Comprehensive Strategic Plan