Strategic Planning

 “Tracy had the vision for our strategic planning process and the final product that we needed. Her process helped us evolve as a team and as an organization. We are feeling energized with our strategic plan that is relevant and achievable for us and which will keep us focused throughout our next growth stage.”

Nancy Kanell, Project Home Again, Executive Director

Strategic Planning

Without a strategic plan, nonprofit organizations are operating without a rudder and can become reactive, leading to mission creep and staff burnout.

Many smaller nonprofit organizations cannot afford a comprehensive strategic planning effort or they consider them a waste of time and money if it sits on the shelf collecting dust.

NextStep Nonprofit LLC provides a 5 phase model customized to meet your needs and your budget.

Key Questions:

  • What problem are we solving?
  • Who are we helping?
  • How are we helping them?
  • How are we unique?
  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • How will we do our work?

Result:  Identity Affirmation

Key Questions:

  • What opportunities lie ahead?
  • What challenges lie ahead?
  • What resources can we leverage?
  • What resources do we need?
  • What will stop us from achieving our mission?
  • Who will help us get there?

Result:  Environment Scan

Key Questions:

  • Which goals are critical to fulfill our mission?
  • What won’t we do?
  • Which goals are immediately achievable?
  • Which goals are fundable?
  • Which goals are long term?

Deliverable:  S.M.A.R.T. Goal List

Key Questions:

  • What exactly will we do?
  • Who will perform each activity?
  • When will each activity be done?
  • How will we measure our progress and impact?

Deliverable:  Comprehensive Strategic Plan with S.M.A.R.T. Goals & Objectives

Key Questions:

  • How will we develop full staff ownership of our plan?
  • How will we inform stakeholders of our plan?
  • How will we keep our plan alive and ensure that committed work is actually completed?


  • Strategic Plan Visuals
  • Internal Acculturation
  • Living Document Strategy

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