NextStep Nonprofit LLC's Healthy & Holistic Approach to Nonprofit Development combines these 5 Components:

  • Culture: How does your organization's development culture help or hurt your fundraising success?
  • Brand: How well aligned are your organization's full brand components for development success?
  • Impact: Are your output measurements S.M.A.R.T? Are you effectively communicating them to the world?
  • Tools: Do you have the development resources (e.g. staff, technology) in place to raise the funds you need?
  • Board: Is your board equipped and fully engaged to support your development efforts?


Your organizational culture plays a big part in your development success. Does everyone in your organization have a well defined development role that they understand and consistently fulfill? Because it takes a full team effort for nonprofit development and marketing success. NextStep can help bring clarity to your team about what a healthy development culture involves and how your team can create it.

  • Healthy & Holistic Development Model Orientation: We provide your team with a 1-3 hour informative and engaging presentation and workshop session so that you all have a shared, holistic framework to analyze your organization's development and marketing landscape.
  • Development/Program Alignment: We assess your organization's development culture and identify areas of misalignment that are resulting in losses to your system. We then help you implement sustained structural components that ensure alignment and more efficient development processes.


Your development brand is much broader than just your logo. When a new funder looks at your organization, they are influenced by your full brand package which includes your organization's name and logo, your mission and vision statements, your tagline, your approach and your reputation. NextStep can help ensure that your full brand package is well aligned to support your development efforts.

  • Component Alignment/Effectiveness: We analyze your full brand for development effectiveness and recommend component redesign where needed.
  • Messaging/Design: We work with you to remessage and redesign your branding components as needed. We make recommendations to graphic designers when appropriate.


What you choose to measure says a lot about what your organization values and how well you understand your Theory of Change and how you translate your resources into your outcomes. NextStep can help you make S.M.A.R.T. choices about your measurements which support your approach and help you effectively communicate your impact to your funders and other stakeholders.

  • Theory of Change Development: We help you clarify how your organization achieves your mission with your approach.
  • Logic Model Development: We help you articulate your Theory of Change into a logical model from inputs to activities to outputs and outcomes. We help you boil down your impact measurements to their essentials and ensure that they are S.M.A.R.T. (i.e. Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Relevant and Timely). We help you analyze the full reach of your efforts so that you don't sell yourself short.
  • Data Governance Plan: We work with you to identify your mission critical data points to support the Impact you wish to communicate to the world. We develop a plan to specifies who measures each data point, the measurement mechanism and frequency, and where that data is stored and how and when it used for reporting.


There are a lot of components necessary to execute a nonprofit organization's development plan. NextStep helps you identify your resource needs and build your capacity.

  • Prospecting & Planning: We perform comparable organization searches to scope out your potential per sector and fill your pipeline with actual prospects. We develop a fundraising plan anchored in your revenue history and reflective of your development resources. We develop Return-On-Investment tools to equip you to make the best choice about which prospects to pursue. We recommend development staffing needs based on your revenue portfolio.
  • Grant Writing: We develop a Master Application template to expedite your grant writing and prepare actual grant applications for you.
  • Technology Recommendations & Training: We recommend the most appropriate technology solutions for your organization, including CRM systems, based on your particular needs. Then, we help you bring that system online and train you and your team on how to use it in accordance with development best practices.


Your board of directors is a key component in your ability to expand your networks and your funding base. However, most nonprofit board members feel uncomfortable with advocacy in general, and with direct asks for funds in particular. NextStep can help you educate and equip your board so that they feel ready and eager to fulfill their development responsibility.

  • Orientation: We provide your team with a 1-3 hour informative and engaging presentation and workshop session so that you all have a shared, holistic framework to analyze your organization's development and marketing landscape.
  • Activation: We work with your board to find the most do-able and most effective ways for them to advocate and fundraise on behalf of your organization.