About Us

About Us

NextStep Nonprofit LLC uses an engineering approach to nonprofit development (fundraising). That means that we look at your organization and your development efforts as a complete system. This allows us to consider where your system can be improved by cutting losses, and where it can be expanded by adding capacity.


Tracy Sopchak

Founder & Principal

Tracy founded NextStep Nonprofit LLC in 2017 to help build nonprofit development capacity. Tracy brings to her work 12+ years of nonprofit board participation and leadership, 10 years of professional nonprofit development experience, her MIT Mechanical Engineering education, and her 15-year long career in the corporate sector as an engineer and software developer. Tracy has a wide experience base working in different types of nonprofit organizations including social service nonprofits, environmental nonprofits, churches, cities and towns. Collectively, she has raised millions of philanthropic dollars to support the good work of these organizations.

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